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Dear Members


A few months have passed since the Monate Home Owners Association (MHOA) Members Meeting held on 6 April 2015 and the Committee deemed it prudent to keep you up to date with recent developments.


The financial position of the MHOH is of critical importance to all the members. We are glad to report that a total amount of R487 777 regarding outstanding levies for the financial years  up to 28 February 2015 were collected and that only R108 250 of these old debts (five members) are now outstanding. Arrangements are in place with three of these members and legal action had to be taken in two instances.

The improved collections enabled us firstly to  transfer from the current account  the unused Special Levies of previous years to  a separate account according to  prudent  financial practice and secondly to proceed with our budgeted expenditure. MHOA is now on a sound financial footing. The Financial Statements for the year ended 28 February 2015 is currently  being audited.


The maintenance of the gardens was contracted out effective 1 April 2015 and operate now primary under supervision of Dora Stalmans ably assisted by her husband Marc when he is in Monate. Members will notice the pristine condition of the areas they are responsible for. The general maintenance of the common property is ongoing. Unfortunately some of the properties and private gardens in our estate need some attention and we urge all owners to do the necessary  maintenance as the general appearance of Monate affect all the property values.


A new vehicle access control system as well as a digital video surveillance system were successfully installed under the capable supervision of Pieter  Erasmus. Pictures of the new system are attached. Pieter communicated extensively to all members regarding its operation and we wish to thank him for all his hard work in this regard. Refer to the attached images.


Our trailer for the fire fighting equipment should be on the premises before the end of the month and quotations for additional security measures are currently under review.


Members are reminded that our next annual general meeting will be held on Saturday the 6th of December 2015 where we will inter alia present the financial statements and new budget for approval, Dr Marc   Stalmans will present the new Ecological vision and Management needs of Monate and the committee will possibly present some changes to the Architectural Guidelines.


All residents are reminded that our roads are narrow and as a curtsey to other residents, guests and service providers it will be appreciated if all motor vehicles are parked in dedicated areas.


Any owner that requires the following can contact Pieter Erasmus (0834507374 or pieter@pietererasmus.com)

  • New remote transmitters for access at the entrance and exit gates. The old remotes and access code won’t work anymore
  • Their contact details to be listed on the intercom (to be able to remotely provide access). The new intercom allows three contact persons per premise
  • Remote transmitters for access for service providers (cleaners, pool services, estate agents, etc.). We differentiate between the type of remote transmitters provided to owners and service providers.


Lastly, thank you to everyone who is working together to make Monate our HOME.


Jan Bezuidenhout


Chairperson of the Monate Home Owners Association

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