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An individual accessing Monate, as per the arrangement with Herolds Bay Ratepayers Association (HBRPA), is required to adhere to the following in terms of the MHOA rules of conduct:

  1. Thoroughfare by foot is allowed to Monate and is restricted to the servitude roads only, as clearly delineated on the map when entering the estate.
  2. No thoroughfare on the inside estate pathways is allowed which is strictly restricted for Monate residents only.
  3. Specifically no dogs or animals of any kind are allowed to be brought onto Monate.
  4. No littering whatsoever is allowed on Monate.
  5. The playground equipment is restricted for Monate residents use only.
  6. No excessive noise is allowed on Monate.
  7. Neither fires, nor smoking is allowed on Monate.
  8. No person shall use or conduct themselves upon such open spaces within Monate in such a manner that may detrimentally affect the common property or any of the amenities thereof.
  9. Persons entering Monate should especially be aware that they do not interfere with other people on the estate.
  10. Access is granted to a single person only, no transfer of access codes is allowed to any other person, and no other person(s) is allowed to enter with you or use your code to enter Monate.

By agreeing to the rules of conduct you acknowledge and agree to comply with the abovementioned Rules or Guidelines, as set out by the Trustees as laid out in MHOA Constitution and subject to the requirements of this Constitution. Should any of the above-mentioned rules be breached your access to Monate will be terminated with immediate effect. Additionally, by signing this document, you acknowledge that you will comply with all health and safety requirements in general and specifically in terms of COVID-19 and indemnify MHOA against any liability whatsoever and by whomsoever.

The MHOA shall not be responsible for any loss, injury, damages (including all consequential damages) or inconvenience that may be caused to the person signing this agreement or any of its property for any cause, howsoever arising, and without prejudicing the generality of the aforegoing, whether arising from any defect, water and electrical supply or from fire, flooding, leakage, or breakage of any water pipe, access to the premises, or from war, riots or other civil commotions, damages caused by the elements or fortuitous act, insects, whether or any living thing or act of God.

All goods, property and effect of whatsoever nature, which may at any time be in or on the building premises, shall be at the sole risk of the person entering into this agreement  and the MHOA shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage thereto from any cause howsoever arising.

Any relaxation, indulgence or waiver which the MHOA may show to the person accessing Monate in terms of this agreement shall not in any way prejudice or derogate from the MHOA’s rights in terms of this agreement.